Co-Haty bed

After the outbreak of full-scale war, the METALAB team investigated the experiences and needs of people in temporary accommodation. Based on our observations, we created a set of furniture for CO-HATY facilities. Among them is a multifunctional bed designed by Tanya Pashynska.


FORMAT: subject design, research

AUTHOR: Tanya Pashynska
PARTNERS: NEF, Promprylad.Renovation, PPV Knowledge Networks, Teple Misto


The METALAB team treats the CO-HATY housing as if it were theirs, with care and attention to comfort. We have created a special collection of furniture designed for temporary housing to maximize space and meet resident needs.

We strive to create and modernize products following the principles of circular economy and inclusive design. The CO-HATY bed is an example of the rapid transformation of an idea into an inclusive product that responds to the needs of a vulnerable society group. To better understand the experiences of internally displaced persons, our team communicated with residents at CO-HATY facilities, analyzed their requests, and researched the issues they faced.

The bed prototype was developed during a workshop on product design by NEF. METALAB is coordinating the industrial design area of this project. In two weeks of analysis and design, we developed a functional and comfortable model with an efficient production process, which was tested and launched. To support the local economy and ensure sustainability, the team collaborated with local contractors and suppliers for manufacturing.

The height of the bed is equal to the size of a chair, so it is comfortable for guests to sit at the table or use it as a sofa. Getting up from low beds is uncomfortable for older people, so this height is inclusive. It also allows you to use the space under the bed for storage.

Two single beds can be easily transformed into a double bed, making it a convenient choice for different types of families. The bed is easy to fold and unfold and takes up very little space when assembled. Its adaptability and multifunctionality make it an ideal option for people living in compact spaces.