Newspaper of the City Scanning Session (2019)

The MANUFUTURING newspaper is one of the outcomes of the second City Scanning Session. The festival, which took place in 2019, focused on exploring the potential of the area surrounding the former Promprylad plant. This publication serves as a guide to the festival, providing readers with insights into the topics that were discussed by city residents when contemplating the future of the area and its community.


FORMAT: publication, event

TIME: 2019

THOSE INVOLVED: Olha Perekhrest, Anna Kuzyshyn (concept of the newspaper), Olha Perekhrest (editing), Dasha Zaichanka (design and illustrations)

RELATED PROJECTS: City Scanning Session 2019, Symposium MANUFUTURING, Residence WE ARE NEVER ALONE

PARTNERS: Teple Misto, Kufer, UCBI

In 2019, the City Scanning Session festival was a grand event that involved many people and ideas. One of the products of the collaboration was the MANUFUTURING newspaper. This newspaper served as a guide to the festival and the various topics that were discussed and reflected upon by the participants. Our goal was to create an archive of discussions on the festival’s topics, given its diverse and multilayered program. To achieve this, we decided to record the talks through text, in the form of articles. The newspaper served as a theoretical complement to everything discussed and developed during the festival.

Anna Kuzyshyn supervised the publication process: she selected authors, communicated with them, and, together with designer Dasha Zaichanka, thought over the design and illustrations for the articles.

The newspaper’s content includes materials on the following topics:

  • Cities for living/cities for production (Oleksandr Shevchenko) — about how the new wave of industrialization is changing urban life

  • Common cause (Iryna Shutka) — about people who work at Promprylad and in the neighborhood

  • Let’s Cherish Diversity (Oleksiy Moskalenko) — about relationships in society and their impact on the economy

  • Second Chance (Iryna Shutka) — about ways and reasons to revitalize abandoned objects in cities

  • Decentralization of the city (Anastasia Bobrova, Ivan Verbytskyi, CEDOS) — about ways to work with districts

  • Scanning the neighborhood (Olha Perekhrest) — about what can be found on the map around Promprylad

  • The right to the city (Anastasia Bobrova, Ivan Verbytskyi, CEDOS Analytical Center) — about the participatory approach: what it is, and why cities need it

  • Outposts of digitalization (Oleksandr Shevchenko) — about fab labs and why we need them

  • Open a workshop! (Olha Perekhrest) — about places waiting for crafters, makers, students, and festival-goers

We are glad to have created such a guide to the topics of the MANUFUTURING festival because we continue to develop and explore the directions we have chosen.