Public product

Furniture for the Lake is the result of the “Designing a public product” workshop during the City Scanning Session in 2019. The participants designed, manufactured, and installed a set of outdoor furniture resistant to various weather conditions and (potential) vandalism.


FORMAT: event, research

TIME: 2019

PARTICIPANTS: Andriy Maigutiak, Andriy Zanyk, Yuliia Sliusar, Roman Petriv, Olena Babko, Stanislav Krul, Borys Yaskevych, Mykhailo Veklyn, Mariana Baran, Bohdan Seredyak, Sonia Brehm

RELATED PROJECTS: City Scanning Session 2019, Lake with a Swan

CURATORS: Dmytro Isaiev, Taras Pastushchuk

PARTNERS: Yuriy Chaban, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

The City Scanning Session festival in 2019 had a focus on the area surrounding the former Promprylad plant. A two-week training workshop called “Designing a Public Product” consisted of two main blocks.

The first block was dedicated to research and design. The participants got to know the location and its features. Then, they proceeded to create project ideas, make sketches, build mock-ups on a scale ranging from 1:20 to 1:1, and discuss their ideas.

After conducting their research, the participants shared a location description: “We see this neighborhood as a kind of backyard, where there is a building surrounding the perimeter that acts as a fence. In the depths of the area, real life is in full swing. Like any backyard, different zones serve distinct functions and roles in the hierarchy of spaces. From this point of view, the lake is striking and plays an interesting role as a garden and a place of “power” where one can disconnect from the outside world or simply slow down.”

The second stage is product creation. After researching and designing, the team moved on to action: constructed formwork, worked with tools, and experimented with concrete mixing and pouring techniques and technology.

The participants developed five projects based on the collected data, observations, and community feedback. A key aspect was maintaining the lake’s peaceful atmosphere with the swan, which acts as an oasis amidst the city’s noise. Although the designs varied in size, technology, and process of creation, they all had one thing in common — using concrete as a material for the furniture. This ensured that the furniture could withstand weather conditions, potential vandalism, and other possible challenges.

Grill “Bychok”

The grill was installed in an open area, and it is large enough to cook barbecue for multiple families or large groups.


It’s a specially shaped module that can be rolled, pulled, and folded into furniture for various purposes — from a chair with a backrest to an altar or a lounge chair — as far as the imagination goes.


This project aims to unite and introduce people, encouraging interaction and communication through small colored figures that can be arranged to create any kind of object.

Sound bridge

The loudspeaker’s design allows it to connect the two shores of the lake with sound or to use it for music, as there is also a space to insert a phone.

Materializing the elusive

This object is located in a beautiful place near the lake, where you can enjoy the view and observe nature in solitude.

All objects at the lake are experimental and have QR codes for visitors to leave their feedback and suggestions.