The 2019 City Scanning Session festival featured a symposium with six panel discussions aligned with the festival’s key themes, as well as additional discussions and networking opportunities.


FORMAT: discussion, event

TIME: 2019

RELATED PROJECTS: City Scanning Session 2019

PARTNERS: Insha Osvita, Tbilisi Architecture Biennale, UCBI

The symposium was part of the City Scanning Session festival that took place in 2019, named MANUFUTURING. The festival aimed to explore the potential of the area around the former Promprylad plant, and it was a large-scale event. We invited everyone interested in the future of Ivano-Frankivsk, its production, and inclusiveness to join us for a joint, honest, and critical discussion. The discussion topics were open to urban experts, architects, artists, citizens, educators, entrepreneurs, and scientists alike.

The symposium program was in line with the focus areas of the festival. It comprehensively covered the city’s production issues and the need to improve, change, and involve the community in these processes. Let’s look at the main topics, their moderators, and speakers.

Production in the city

We discussed the impact of production on the environment and society in cities, as well as the necessary technologies and resources to adapt it to people and places.

  • Moderator: Oleksandr Shevchenko

  • Speakers: Mykhailo Smushak, Yuriy Chaban, Anastasia Ponomaryova, Peter Kneidinger, Zuza Golinska

Circular economy

This panel discussion focused on the possibility of transitioning production to a circular economy while preserving the opportunities offered by new technologies and the potential for impact investment.

  • Moderator: Oleksiy Moskalenko

  • Speakers: Adrea Kessler, Anne Wahl, Yuriy Fylyuk


We discussed the role of architects in revitalizing post-industrial sites and the expertise required for such projects.

  • Moderator: Bożena Pelenska

  • Speakers: Je Ahn, Iryna Miroshnikova, Oleksii Petrov, Detlef Kurt

Decentralization in the city

The participants discussed the concept of self-sufficiency in neighborhoods and ways to achieve it — to create balanced neighborhoods with mixed types of activity. Additionally, the discussion touched on the issue of self-identification in neighborhoods and the problem of segregation caused by gated residential complexes.

  • Moderator(s): Tinatin Gurgenidze, Otar Nemsadze

  • Speakers: Natalia Mysak, Romea Murin, Asel Yeszhanova

Community engagement

We discussed community involvement in artistic, cultural, and urban projects, differences in approaches and motivations of different players. They also talked about participation and its fair practices, involving the masses through leisure activities as a space for creating civil society.

  • Moderator: Ivan Verbytskyi

  • Speakers: Anna Dobrova, Calcagno Cullen, Livia Dudarieva, Kateryna Rusetska, Maria Semenenko, Stefan Robert

Common spaces

This panel discussion focused on shared spaces, “third places,” and places of influence in cities, their creation, economic models and sustainability, and the impact on the role of citizens in community life.

  • Moderator: Iryna Solovey

  • Speakers: Konstantin Kuchabsky, Olivia Tusinski, Roman Vydro, Roman Kyryliv

The symposium was scheduled to allow participants to attend the festival’s evening events. The METALAB team continues to work on the topics discussed during the panel discussions.