Context: The project “CO-HATY – Reconstruction of 41 housing units into long-term housing for IDPs in Khmelnytskyi and Vinnytsia regions for 111 people” will last 1 year and aims to develop and implement projects for the reconstruction of communal property for long-term housing for IDPs, as well as to develop a strategic urban integration and management plan for facilities in close cooperation with city administrations. The project is implemented by the NGO “METALAB”.

We are looking for people who will be able to effectively manage processes at a construction site in Khmelnytskyi region, constantly look for ways to optimize processes, communicate effectively with contractors and community representatives for timely and high-quality repair work within the approved budget.

Expected tasks and responsibilities:

  • Defines the goals, objectives and result of the project.
  • Draws up a plan for the preparation and implementation of a new project, defines control points:
    – determines the composition of works necessary for the development and implementation of the project.
    – defines and documents dependencies between jobs.
    – estimates the duration of work, determines the critical path.
    – determines the amount of time needed to implement the project.
  • Determines the quantity and estimates the cost of the resources required to perform the project work.
  • Estimates the cost and determines the project budget.
  • Selects the project team:
    – determines the professional skills needed by project team members
    – determines the responsible persons who will participate in the implementation of the project.
    – forms a motivation system for the project team.
    – maintains a high level of team efficiency
  • Supervises the preparation of the necessary documentation for the introduction of a new project:
    – ensures timely collection, accumulation, distribution, storage and further use of project information.
    – coordinates the provision of the necessary information within the stipulated time to all project participants.
  • Monitors measures for the implementation of project stages and, if necessary, adjusts these processes:
    – monitors compliance with the deadlines of implementation processes.
    – controls changes in the project budget.
    – monitors deviations from the plan, makes adjustments to the plan and agrees with all project participants.
    – analyzes the possible impact of deviations in the scope of work performed on the progress of project implementation in general.
  • Develops and monitors project budgets.
  • Conducts risk assessment and determines countermeasures
  • forms a list of necessary works and their volumes, corrects them as necessary (based on the result of constant communication with the architect)
  • forms a work schedule.
  • conducts optimization in accordance with technical changes. processes
  • organization of construction processes, their constant control and optimization
  • forms a list of necessary materials and works forms a budget
  • communicates with contractors, monitors the proper and timely performance of works by contracting organizations on the construction site
  • responsible for obtaining all permit documentation
  • communication with local authorities regarding existing issues and problems
  • control of the availability of materials and their timely replenishment by setting tasks for the responsible person
  • constant search for opportunities to reduce costs due to the optimization of technological processes and due to the effective search for opportunities for additional cooperation
  • daily control of executors regarding the fulfillment of assigned tasks
  • Preparation of estimates depending on the tasks
  • informing the PM about the occurrence of non-standard situations in order to find solutions
  • communication with responsible persons of the balance keeper on related work issues
  • Control over the proper storage of material values
  • Organization and inventory management
  • Conduct the purchase of material assets and organize the process of delivery to the construction site
  • Documentary support of all processes (purchasing, contractors, etc.).


Expected qualifications and skills of the candidate:

  • Higher education (preferred)
  • Experience in building construction teams and managing construction processes
  • Good understanding of construction technological processes.
  • Availability of practical experience in construction
  • Well-developed managerial skills (managing people, working with contractors).
  • Balance in the ability to work independently and be an excellent team player;
  • Good communication skills: express a request clearly, formulate a problem orally and in writing, respect for other people’s time;
  • Experience in creating reports and estimate documentation
  • Having a driver’s license


Conditions of employment

Employment until the end of 2024.
The candidate must have an active FOP.


If this request describes you, please send your resume to ksenia.semenova@metalab.space with the subject line “CO-HATY. Construction manager” no later than March 15, 2024.